Norrköping launching their visualization tool on 8.12.2017

Norrköping's journey towards the future has begun.

At the forefront of the development is the Inner Harbour area. With an attractive location on the waterfront and within walking distance of today's and tomorrow's travel center, a new part of the inner city is growing. The port area is an important part of the city's history, present and future. In order to build the future and clean the ground, we need to investigate the past. What's under the surface? Now Norrköping is launching the Earth Autopsy tool, a new way to show what we can not see. With the visualization tool it is possible to show what is found in the brownfield site, including cyanide and benzene, which are residues from the old gas plant that produced gas from coal.


Program of the event

Friday, December 8, 13:00 to 15:00

13:00 Cnema; Fredrik Wallin, Project Manager Inner Harbor, Welcomes and introduces.

13:15  Erik Telldén, 3D coordinator, and Elke Myrhede, a specialist on soil remediation from the urban development department continue to report on the work on Earth Autopsy, how the technology will be used for environmental work in the Inner Harbour and how can it be used in future projects.

14:00 Visualization Center C; explore Earth Autopsy on your own and mingle over a cup of coffee.

The invitation to the launch in Swedish


Earth Autopsy
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