Soil remediation process kicked off in Norrköping

Soil cleaning has started in the Inner Harbour Pilot Site

During the last few weeks, the soil cleaning process has started in the Inner Harbour - first out is the so-called Kolkajen, furthest in the east in the area. The graffiti walls that were located in the area have now been moved a few hundred meters further away to make room for the ground cleaning works. In the first weeks, the contract will excavate sample pits and the environmental controllers are about to take samples from the ground. The excavations in the areas are monitored by archaeologists documenting the traces of historical activities in the area. 


And, in the order to deal with the potentially contaminated water in the pits that may arise in the event of later digestion, there is an on-site treatment plant, which is currently being trimmed. 


Visualization tool reaches its final development phase

In order to visualize and inform to the public about the soil remediation that is going on in Inner Harbour, the creation of a visualization tool is in the final phase of its development. The planned exhibition date is scheduled for 7 December at the Visualization Center in Norrköping, where the public will take part in an exhibition about soil contamination and rehabilitation work in the Inner Harbor in a new interactive way. A new and important component introduced in soil remediation and visualization work is the introduction of drones in the organization. The first flights have been completed with a good result and deliver detailed and high-resolution products to the project for design and visualization.

 The detailed plan is now being processed for adoption in the City Council as well as are the comments made during the review period. They will be reported in a review report and the detailed plan is scheduled for adoption in spring 2018.


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