Riga organised Big Clean-Up Day and discussed development opportunities with local students

For a second year in a row, the City of  Riga organized the cleaning of the project’s pilot territory – Mūkusala within the annual Latvian event “The Big Clean-Up Day” on 24 April 2017.  With participation of almost 40 volunteers,  the group managed to collect over 50 bags of various waste along the Kīleveina ditch, including wasted home appliances and dozens of car tires. The most interesting and exotic discovery not only within the project, but probably in the history of the “The Big Clean-Up Day” event, was a turtle wandering along the ditch. News about the wanderer quickly gained its popularity and was published in 35 different media outlets, thus ensuring wide publicity for the “Baltic Urban Lab” project and the Riga City Development Department itself.

Participants discussed development opportunities of the Baltic Urban Lab Pilot Site

After the cleaning participants enjoyed a delicious soup whilst discussing the disadvantages and development opportunities of the territory Mūkusala with local inhabitants and students of University of Latvia.


The main concern, pointed out by participants, was the lack of traffic connections and green infrastructure in the project’s pilot area.  Participants also mentioned the necessity of developing Mūkusala as 24 hour livable area, meaning not only opportunities for working, but also living and entertaining.

Pictures: https://ufile.io/1u2f3  (available 30 days).


stakeholder involvement
participatory urban planning
Big Clean-Up Day