The Big Clean-up Day in Riga

By participating in the environmental cleaning event “The Big Clean-up” on 23 April this year, the officials from the City Development Department of the Riga City Council in cooperation with the Community “Tuvā Pārdaugava” cleaned up the territory of Baltic Urban Lab’s pilot area.

As one of the project activities is to identify the concerned persons and to inspect the territory, the City Development Department of the Riga City Council organized a mutual meeting in the framework of “The Big Clean-up”, in order to introduce the concerned persons with the aims and planned activities of the project, as well as to establish new contacts for a further cooperation and to clean the project territory from the Railway Bridge to Bieķensalas Street and from Mūkusalas Street to Jelgavas Street.

The mentioned territory was cleaned on Saturday morning by 70 enthusiastic participants. About 120 waste bags were collected while cleaning the following territories:

  • Kīleveina ditch edge from Mūkusalas Street to Jelgavas Street;
  • pedestrian trail along the railway embankment from Jelgavas Street to Torņakalna Station;
  • stretch of road from the National Library of Latvia to the railway embankment;
  • stretch of road from the Railway Bridge to Bieķensalas Street;
  • stretch of road from Mūkusalas Street to Jelgavas Street.

One of the aims of “The Big Clean-up” is to clean Latvia until its 100th birthday, making our country the cleanest and greenest place in the world, whereas the aim of the project “Baltic Urban Lab” is to improve planning of the urban environment, by drafting and testing a new integrated planning approach and a cooperation model for regeneration of brownfield territories, thus helping cities to regenerate urban spaces and transform them into well-designed, sustainable territories with a high quality of life and working environment.

The Community “Tuvā Pārdaugava” unites the following institutions of culture, education, entertainment and recreation of the territories of Mūkusala, Klīversala and Lucavsala, located on the left bank of the river Daugava: the National Library of Latvia, the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia, the Mūkusala Art Salon, the Latvian Railway History Museum, the Lucavsala Park and Riga Wake Park, the Design Center “Xcelsior”, “Culture and Arts Project NOASS”, the Shop/café “Brūklene”, the Tea Room “Materia Tējas un Sarunas”, Café “Annas Dārzs”, the Drawing Theatre, the Jelgava Printing House, the Publishing House „BALTA eko” and “Arctic Paper”. You can check find more information on their Facebook page!

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