Join REFILL's Final Conference in Ghent!

Our friends at the REFILL project are about to start making conclusions from their journey in temporary use in the city landscape and we are of course, sharing their invitation to join their final conference with all of you.

After all, our thematics are overlapping - you can experiment with temporary use in brownfield sites and even though, you do not have to have a brownfield site to practice temporary use, these two topics correlate. And we had great examples of temporary use presented by the project coordinator of REFILL during our last workshop that was held back-to-back with Nordregio Forum 2017 in Oslo, Norway last year. 

REFILL project coordinator Emma Tytgadt during the last Baltic Urban Lab workshop in Oslo


So, moving on to the Final Conference of the REFILL - as introduced on their website:

Many cities experiment with the concept of ‘Temporary Use’ of abandoned and derelict spaces. It’s an important and inspiring source of innovation and change in cities, being a motor and incubator for new forms of urbanity.

Since September 2015 the REFILL network has been studying the practice of temporary use in different European cities. The REFILL network involves partners from Amersfoort, Athens, Bremen, Cluj, Ghent, Helsinki, Nantes, Ostrava, Poznan and Riga. They worked together to develop knowledge and good practices on this topic. REFILL Thematic Network is part of the European URBACT Programme.

The REFILL final conference will be an interactive day where we will disseminate the project results.

The Final Conference will be held in the City of Ghent on 27 March 2018 and here is a quick overview of the day's agenda. 


About the Day 

In the morning, Stijn Oosterlynck, Associate Professor in Urban Sociology at the University of Antwerp, introduces the concept of temporary use in a changing urban environment.

Next, we take you on a field trip to a temporary use project in Ghent. You have the choice between 5 different field visits each around a burning question for temporary use. We discuss this question starting from the inspiring context of the site itself and 2 related cases from a REFILL partner city.

In the afternoon you start your own journey on temporary use. François Jégou, REFILL Lead expert, introduces the REFILL Temporary Use Roadmap that will help you to start your journey on temporary use. A guided tour through our REFILL InfoMarket showcases concrete supporting tools and practices. You have the opportunity to talk with REFILL partners about their cases and experiences.

You go home with a printed copy of the REFILL Temporary Use Roadmap and publication of the project.

Who's the conference for?

Everyone, national or international, who’s interested in temporary use is welcome to attend the conference:

  • Representatives from cities and municipalities with different levels of experience with temporary use
  • Temporary use initiators and users
  • Political representatives
  • Other (URBACT) projects

I wish to join, where would I get more information?

You can find all the details from here,

Few things to note - even though the conference will be free-of-charge, it is only possible to attend as a registered participant! Make sure to register before 1 March 2018


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