Turku Future Forum will gather ideas for the development of Campus and Science Park area

How does the area between University Hill, Kupittaa and Itäharju brownfield triangle look like in 2030s? What kind of businesses and services are located in the area? How is the future mobility system in the area and how do the buildings look like? 

Turku invites everybody to join the Turku Future week to jointly develop ideas and vision for the future development of world class Turku campus and science park area. The future week takes place between 28.11-1.12.2016.

Each day has a different focus:

Monday: Attractive urban environment
Urban construction, development of the urban environment and general planning  
Tuesday: Smart Mobility
Well working, future mobility and Mobility as a Service concepts
Wednesday: Smart Actors, Smart Solutions
What do we expect from the future of campus and science park and the cooperation between different actors?
Thursday: International meeting point
TurkuKampusUpgrade-idea competition final and students’ campus and science park

“We are now creating novel, innovative environment for studying, science and business. The city wants to encourage all stakeholder to participate in visioning future development. Increasing attractiveness and competiveness is common advantage in the long run”, states Project Manager Riitta Birksted from the City Development group.

The outcomes of the week will be used in the planning of Campus and Science Park area. The event is part of the Turku Baltic Urban Lab Pilot activities.

More information and registration

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