New city planning mobile app for involving community

New urban planning app has moved to prototype testing phase

As part of Baltic Urban Lab project activities, the urban planners at the City of Tallinn have been developing an urban planning mobile application with the aim of giving the stakeholders fast and easy access to information about the on-going planning processes and giving them a possibility to comment and leave their own proposals for more inclusive city planning.

The App would also allow its users to receive information on the spot of the future plans for places they are visiting. Last autumn, stakeholders in Tallinn were involved in brainstorming new ideas regarding the mobile app and apparently it was a fruitful collaboration.

Now, the development of the app has reached a new phase. Firstly, the app will be tested on the Baltic Urban Lab pilot area Skoone Bastion which is under great public interest because the local community is very active. The public launching of the mobile app is planned for autumn 2017 - after the launch, one month will be reserved for idea harvesting. These new ideas are then added to the mobile app.

How will the new app make urban planning more inclusive?

The urban planners in Tallinn will be focusing on one new public space in the city at time -  planners will then propose the redesign of the area and publish it in the mobile app in order to collect people's feedback in the form of comments and ideas. The new inclusive urban planning app will be downloadable for free, whereas the interface of the app will be very simple and user-friendly where the focused are will be highlighted and the most interesting sport in the new public space will be explained shortly with illustrative 3D visuals.

The urban planners in Tallinn regard the new inclusive app as a valuable tool for getting feedback to redesigned new public spaces. As a result, the most commented on spots will be then reviewed by the planners and it will be an indication and inspiration for further collaboration with the stakeholders.


Photo: Anu Leisner


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