Itäharju-Kupittaa area developments in Turku guided by a co-created Master Plan

Booming economy as a driver for further development in the Turku Pilot Site

The economy of the Turku region is currently booming. Growth in the region is fueled by the excellent success of the business sector: the strong growth prospects of the marine, pharmaceutical and technology industries in particular. The positive development is also reflected in the growing need to offer properties with excellent logistic accessibility for the numerous businesses expanding their business operations in the area.

In this respect, our Itäharju-Kupittaa pilot site is one of the hottest spots. The plan of gradually turning the “Itäharju brownfield triangle” into an internationally recognized, high level competence centre and urban development area is being chrystallized in a Master Plan. The Master Plan outlines not only the development of the physical environment but also the various services, types of business and the life style the environment is designed to support. In the past few months, the planning process has involved several participatory workshops with different stakeholders in the area: business owners, university people, local residents, and so forth.

The key idea behind this “Turku Future Forum” process is to involve all parties in the visioning and the integrated planning of the new, common environment both from the physical and the functional perspectives. At the same time, an architect agency has been involved in turning the target state into illustrations of the envisioned future.


  • The participatory process has already produced common understanding of objectives and solutions for future development of the area. I would like to emphasize the idea of using the pilot area as a platform for creative business ideas. The platform is working extremely well. The atmosphere has been enthusiastic, says Timo Hintsanen, Director of City Planning.

Four central themes are guiding planning and development processes

The Turku Future Forum process has resulted in four central themes that guide planning and development processes in the pilot site, as well as in the Campus and Science Park area as a whole. First, the area is to stand out as a world-class competence and innovation hub for students, researchers, businesses and various development organizations. Second, it is to provide an attractive environment for international encounters. Third, the area will serve as a smart mobility node with excellent logistic accessibility and state-of-the-art transport solutions and services. And finally, thanks to the variety of services, events and activities in the area, it will be a lively and intriguing spot 24/7/365. These four central themes together with the strong expertise areas of the local research and business community will serve as a basis for creating a brand that stands out nationally and internationally.

Visualization of the Itäharju-Kupittaa area

Written by: Riitta Birkstedt, Project Manager


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