European launch of the State of the World 2016 report ‘Can cities be sustainable?’

On May 18 in Stockholm and May 20 in Helsinki, Liisa Perjo and Sandra Oliveira e Costa from the Baltic Urban Lab project partner Nordregio were invited to talk about inclusive urban planning in the launch events of World Watch Institute’s annual State of the World report with the title ‘Can Cities be Sustainable?’. They presented examples on how Nordic and Baltic Sea Region cities involve actors outside the public sector, such as developers, land owners and inhabitants, in their urban planning. The Baltic Urban Lab project’s approach on Public-Private-People-partnerships was presented and discussed as an example of the current focus on partnerships as a way to plan and develop cities. The listeners were very interested in the project and enthusiastic to hear about the pilot actions and their results as the project proceeds.

To download the documentation of the events, please visit (the Stockholm event) and (the Helsinki event).

State of the World