1st Baltic Urban Lab Workshop 2.3.2017!

Urban planners and other interested experts are invited to the Baltic Urban Lab Workshop in the energetic city of Tallinn to learn how to formulate new approaches towards more integrative and inclusive urban planning! The event is open to anybody interested.
Involvement of actors outside the public planning organisations has become increasingly important to reach the planning goals in an efficient manner, by pooling resources and sharing risks in urban regeneration processes. However, it is not very common yet for cities to work in a coordinated way with approaches following the public-private-people partnership (4P) principles. Designing efficient and successful integrative planning process where all involved parties are working towards common goals requires new mindset and skills from urban planners and experts. Instead of technical experts, the cities need to act as facilitators between different groups in the society.

The first Baltic Urban Lab Workshop will focus on the practical implementation of public-private-people partnership models in urban planning with a special emphasis on cooperation with private sector actors in the framework of brownfield regeneration.
The workshop will showcase real-life case examples from cities of Malmö (tbc.) and Oulu who are already working towards a structured approach to work with integrated planning. The participants will also get to work together around a concrete development case – the Skoone Bastion Pilot Site in Tallinn, and learn from that, and visit the Telliskivi Creative Hub that serves as a great example of successful brownfield regeneration case.

The Workshop will take place on 2nd of March 2017, 8:45-17:00 in Kultuurikatel, Woodblock Hall (Põhja pst 27A, Tallinn).

Registration will be open until  12:00 on 20 February 2017!

For more information and registration go to: http://www.balticurbanlab.eu/event/1st-baltic-urban-lab-workshop-232017