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REGISTER NOW! Workshop II- Brownfield regeneration site planning improved with 3D visualization and interactive public participation tools

Baltic Urban Lab invites urban planners and other interested experts in Norrköping, Sweden on June 15th, 2017 to learn how to benefit from the possibilities new interactive participation tools and especially the use of 3D visualization bring in urban planning.

Policy Brief: Making the most of brownfield sites in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Urban Lab Policy Brief - Making the most of brownfield sites in the Baltic Sea Region reveals the challenges and opportunities related to brownfield redevelopment as well as presents public-private-people partnerships as a solution to tackle these challenges. This policy brief also presents the key recommendations based on Baltic Urban Lab lessons learned and results. They include policy and action points for more efficient and inclusive brownfield development processes, based on support for public-private-people partnerships at local, national and cross-border levels.

Webinar on new digital tools in participatory planning 23.8.2018

Our fourth and last webinar will focus on the topic of new digital tools in participatory urban planningBaltic Urban Lab cities Tallinn and Norrköping have both developed and tested new tools to encourage different stakeholders, especially citizens to give their feedback and learn more about current planning issues.

Planning Systems and Legislation for Brownfield Development in the Central Baltic Countries

Brownfield redevelopment is an important topic in Europe, where many countries and cities are experiencing rapid urbanisation. The aim of this brochure is to enable experiences of brownfield redevelopment to be exchanged between the Central Baltic countries (Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden) by providing knowledge about the conditions for brownfield redevelopment in each country. The brochure presents the planning systems and principal legislation and policies related to brownfield redevelopment. It specifically highlights the aforementioned key challenges of cooperation between actors and the remediation of contaminated land, and looks at how domestic legislation and policies promote or hinder meeting those challenges.

Towards strategic spatial planning in Central Baltic Cities – First Baltic Urban Lab Workshop a success

The first Baltic Urban Lab workshop was held on 2 March 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. Over 50 participants from cities around the Central Balticregion gathered to the former industrial building Kultuurikatel to discuss and share experiences about how to design better integrated planning processes involving variety of stakeholders especially in the context of brownfield redevelopment.

Join the 2nd Baltic Urban Lab webinar!

The second webinar's keynote speaker is Martin Westin. His introductory presentation's working title is Power and Conflict in Planning - Practical approaches to wicked problems. Martin Westin is employed by SWEDESD at Uppsala University and works as a facilitator for collaborative planning processes in Sweden and internationally. The webinar will take place at 12:00-14:00 CET (Central European Time Zone) / 13:00-15:00 EET (Eastern European Time Zone).

Tallinn tested a new GIS based involvement method in city planning

During this summer, Tallinn Urban Planning Department city planners together with GIS specialists developed and launched a new involvement tool to gather ideas and visions from the citizens for Northern Tallinn City District general plan. Baltic Urban Lab project’s Pilot Site is also a part of the district.

People were invited to share their ideas and proposals  on a web-based GIS map. Inserting the idea on the map was easy:

Turku Future Forum will gather ideas for the development of Campus and Science Park area

How does the area between University Hill, Kupittaa and Itäharju brownfield triangle look like in 2030s? What kind of businesses and services are located in the area? How is the future mobility system in the area and how do the buildings look like? 

Turku invites everybody to join the Turku Future week to jointly develop ideas and vision for the future development of world class Turku campus and science park area. The future week takes place between 28.11-1.12.2016.