Baltic Urban Lab Project Meeting brought inspiration to all our cities

Good mood and inspiring people seem to be what unites everyone working with the Baltic Urban Lab project. This last project meeting was no different. The 3rd project meeting of Baltic Urban Lab project was held on 14-15 February 2018 in Turku, Finland. The focus was on discussing the results so far and the finalisation of the project outputs.

Brand new app AvaLinn invites people to have their say on designing the public urban space

The urban planners in Tallinn have recently launched the participatory mobile application called AvaLinn for encouraging co-creation and thinking together better solutions for the North Tallinn area and specifically right now for the Skoone Bastion area which is one of our project's Pilot Sites. 

Temporary Urbanism in Tallinn's Pilot Site

City of Tallinn has been discussing and testing temporary uses for their Baltic Urban Lab Pilot Site, located in the UNESCO protected area called Skoone Bastion. As temporary uses tend to vary widely in their purpose and duration - their viability depends on the local market and regulatory conditions in addition to the work of entrepreneurial project initiators and their supporters. Common temporary projects include community gardens and other green spaces, special events such as festivals or concert series, and stores or restaurants.The experimentation and reversibility afforded by temporary use practices can encourage a multilayered approach to land use and increase the likelihood that a vacant space will eventually find permanent use.

New city planning mobile app for involving community

As part of Baltic Urban Lab project activities, the urban planners at the City of Tallinn have been developing an urban planning mobile application with the aim of giving the stakeholders fast and easy access to information about the on-going planning processes and giving them a possibility to comment and leave their own proposals for more inclusive city planning.

Baltic Urban Lab partners met in Tallinn

The 2nd Baltic Urban Lab Project Meeting was organised in Tallinn on March 1&3, 2017 back to back with the 1st Workshop. The project is soon approaching its midway and the focus of the meeting was to discuss what has been achieved so far, what the partners could learn from each other and to take a look at the project final outcomes.

Tallinn tested a new GIS based involvement method in city planning

During this summer, Tallinn Urban Planning Department city planners together with GIS specialists developed and launched a new involvement tool to gather ideas and visions from the citizens for Northern Tallinn City District general plan. Baltic Urban Lab project’s Pilot Site is also a part of the district.

People were invited to share their ideas and proposals  on a web-based GIS map. Inserting the idea on the map was easy: