2nd Baltic Urban Lab Workshop 15.6.2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017 -
09:00 to 16:00

2nd Baltic Urban Lab Workshop 15.6.2017

9:00 – 16:15

Venue: Visualiseringscenter, Kungsgatan 54, Norrköping & Inre Hamnen area

Brownfield regeneration site planning improved with 3D visualization and interactive public participation tools

Baltic Urban Lab invites urban planners and other interested experts in Norrköping to learn how to benefit from the possibilities new interactive participation tools and especially the use of 3D visualization bring in urban planning. The event is open to everyone interested - max. 50 participants! At the point when we have 50 participants before the registration deadline closes - and you have registered - we will inform you whether or not you got the spot of participation. When someone drops out, you will be the next in line for the workshop!

To be able to plan a good city for all users, involvement of public and different stakeholder has become more and more important in urban planning. This is a part of a wider transformation in the way our cities are planned and governed. In order to increase broad public participation and not just the few active individuals, the urban planning process should be made understandable to all and participation as easy as possible

Technical development and introduction of new digital tools has brought new possibilities to the development of interactive participation tools in the field of urban planning. However, city planners are still asking questions which tools to use and how they should be used.

The focus of the Baltic Urban Lab Workshop II is to showcase practical examples of how 3D models, visualization tools and other interactive participation tools can be used to support public participation especially in the context of brownfield site planning. In the workshop, the advantages, added value and challenges they bring in urban planning are discussed.

The host city Norrköping is one of the leading cities in using 3D models and visualization to involve hard to reach groups in planning. In the Baltic Urban Lab project, Norrköping is developing and exploring new technologies and methods in 3D models and visualization that will be used in urban planning much broader way than it has been done before. The aim is not only to present urban plans in better understandable format but also to support decision making internally, and also get close to political decision making process and present the whole urban planning process to the public in a new way in cooperation with developers.  In the workshop Norrköping (SE) will introduce their work on developing new technologies and methods in 3D visualization and will showcase how these tools are being used in practice in the context of brownfield site planning.

City of Hyvinkää (FI) will share their experiences on utilizing 3D-platfroms in city development projects.

The state of the art, leading examples and the benefits and challenges 3D solutions bring in urban planning and brownfield development will be discussed in presentations from University of Linköping - a world-leader in visualization and Visual Sweden Initiative.

The workshop will consist of three modules:

People participation and 3D visualization development and their role in brownfield regeneration & Site Visit in the Inner City

State of art, benefits and challenges of 3D solutions within city planning and brownfield development


Demos of visualisation tools and interactive mini-workshop


Photos from the Workshop can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byxel8HIgvoXcGN2OEpGZ3VFZlk

Summary of Workshop II

The wrap-up sums up the main issues discussed during the day.



Find below the presentations from the Workshop Day.

PDF iconhyvinkaa_3d_presentation.pdf